Assistive Technology Videos

* = Device or app is owned by AWSSC

1. Echo Smart Pen

The Echo Smart Pen allows you to record audio while taking notes. The pen has the ability to match the recorded audio with what you are writing.
Website: www.livescribe.com
Price (as of 8/21/17): $179.99

2. C-Pen Reader

The C-Pen reader can verbalize printed text as well as display it on the LCD screen. Great device for students who struggle with reading.
Website: www.readerpen.com
Price (as of 8/21/17): $250.00

3. LightAide*

The LightAide is a device for low-vision and cognitively disabled students. There are many activities available to help young, struggling learners.
Website: www.lightaide.com
Price (as of 8/21/17): $1,599 (all activity sets included)

4. Claro ScanPen App*

The Claro ScanPen app is designed to help students who struggle with reading by highlighting and vocalizing printed text.
Website: www.claro-apps.com
Price (as of 8/31/17): Free (in-app purchases offered)

5. Autism Apps*

The Autism Apps app is designed to help teachers search for special needs apps for their students.
Website: www.touchautism.com/app/autism-apps/
Price (as of 9/1/17): Free

6. First Then Visual Schedule*

The First Then Visual Schedules app is ideal for students who struggle with following a daily routine.
Website: www.goodkarmaapplications.com/first-then-visual-schedule.html
Price (as of 9/1/17): $9.99/$14.99

7. Bookshare and iBooks*

The Bookshare program is designed to give students with a print disability access to books for free.
Website: www.bookshare.org
Price (as of 10/11/17): Free

8. Read and Write for Google Chrome Extension*

The Read and Write for Google Chrome extension allows students to read web pages, documents, books, etc. as well as have word prediction when typing..
Website: Read and Write for Google Chrome
Price (as of 1/4/18): Subscription based, either per student or school/district. Free, if needing only the reading feature.